Patrick's scoop

Welcome to my website, and thank you so much for checking it out and sharing my passions. I have recently rebranded and made a massive shift so that my business is more aligned with my emotions and authentic self. You see, previously, I was a human resources manager, and afterward, as an entrepreneur, I started developing HR software - which yes I lovingly created with my team. But the truth is selling products didn't excite me and didn't give me the motivation I needed to spur me indeed on to find a fulfilling career path that incorporates all that I love, which is most importantly, a connection to people.  

As soon as I made the shift in my career, ideas and creations started overflowing and pouring out of me like there was no tomorrow, and my passion to show others how to create a life aligned with their passions took hold of me. I worked out Oranjo, an innovative online coaching program for people looking for more happiness and success. And I became reacquainted with my love for writing. I published "Second Life" and "Samadhi", inspiring novels - sharing my travels and nuggets of wisdom I collected along the way - for everybody who wants to energize his life. I hope some of the knowledge I have received can help you find a new perspective.

From my experience, I have build up the ability to absorb and to know what happens in organizations. As a person, I have the talent to feel what happens to people in organizations. From this inspiration and this gift, I now help and heal entrepreneurs to be ultimately themselves and thus to give the best of themselves for themselves, their organization. And as a consequence, for our society. Also, I align executive teams towards the common goal. It is my mission to help and advise, clearing the cobwebs of resistance and limiting beliefs that are blocking business people and their teams from embracing and allowing their right path, success, and joy of life.

If you like, you can read more about my background and career on LinkedIn, or - of course - you can read my semi-autobiographical book "Samadhi,"  a novel inspired by real events.