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I have been writing for years. But while in recent years I mainly wrote functionally about my areas of expertise such as leadership and human development, lately my attention has shifted more to my existence as a spiritual being. In my book "Second Life", which can be considered semi-autobiographical, I make the transition between what is beyond knowing and the meaning of this for people who take responsibility. I am currently working on the follow-up to a new book that will have an even greater spiritual impact.


A novel inspired by true events

Pursuing our passion is a kind of ideal that we only dream of, but we make little of. This novel on this theme is inspired by a true story. It encourages reflection and provides inspiration and even a guide to revive your existence.

We follow Jack Lesco, a manager who faces an ethical dilemma and must
choose between what is right or his loyalty to his boss. During this dilemma, he receives cryptic messages from a mentor who teaches him about the essence of selfishness and coexistence. Now the ball is in his camp, and he has to decide what to do. These tensions lead to a health crisis. Jack takes a step back from the hustle and bustle of life and searches for what’s really important. He sets out on a journey to Santiago de Compostella and meets a monk who teaches him how to discover what his soul mostly longs for. With this wisdom, Jack takes back his life as the universe opens up to him. These experiences help him find out the four foundations that people need to live a great life.

The story is analogous to works such as “Eat, Pray, Love” and provides support for those who hear the call of their soul but are still caught in the daily grind. The real story prompts the reader to replace routine and pressure with contemplation, self-discovery, and development.

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Second Life

Entrepreneurship beyond Management and Leadership

In this novel inspired by true events, a businessman embarks on a self-reflective journey that leads him to achieve more than he ever imagined.

" What the readers need to know—Second Life, is true, a second life. Light read but profound—light that it connects right away, heavy that it gives the reader insights and re-directs to what you truly want in life. Life is to be lived."   (Deborah, The BookWalker)

"Book well received. I started reading right away. Compelling. Respect. A real feat." (K.M.)

“Halfway, arrived in Compostella. Weird, is this partly my story?” (P.D.)

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