Second Life

Entrepreneurship beyond Management and Leadership

In this novel inspired by true events, a businessman embarks on a self-reflective journey that leads him to achieve more than he ever imagined.

" What the readers need to know—Second Life, is indeed, a second life. Light read but profound—light that it connects right away, heavy that it gives the reader insights and re-directs to what you truly want in life. Life is to be lived."   (Deborah, The BookWalker)

"Book well received. Started reading right away. Compelling. Respect. A real feat." (K.M.)

“Halfway, arrived in Compostella. Weird, is this partly my story?” (P.D.)

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The Entrepreneurs Choise

Step-by-step plan for entrepreneurs who have the choise: win the rat race or be invincible.

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The path to success

About realizing professional goals

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