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Team coaching programs

Up2 coaching will guide you and your team to achieve your common and individual goals. As expert in the structures that help people tap into their greatness I assist the individuals and the team to stay on track and motivated to reach the common goal. We end up this team coaching sessions with a team charter as a form of coaching contract.

RiseUp coaching is extremely useful for teams that are newly forming, with new leadership or re-forming after adjustment and helps to accelerate team performance. As coach, I serve multiple roles as support and coach for the team leader, keeping the coaching process in place for the team, holding everyone accountable for their actions, and ensuring that all members are participating.

Auhra is a unique coaching process by which the employees are questioned online to receive information about what really lives in the organization. We take stock of the strengths of the organization, but also of the bottlenecks. Based on these objective facts and my knowledge and experience with organizational development, I offer opportunities to deal with this information and I guide the management team to effectively deal with these opportunities.

I’m also happy to craft a Custom Team Coaching Package for you and your executive team, tailored to the specific needs and desires. Please  click here to request an appointment with me  and we’ll explore the best coaching program for your team in your situation!