Energizing and inspiring people

I’m happy to offer some ideas for workshops and keynotes that go beyond the traditional practices.

Who is the chicken?

Often we come - or are even forced - in situations where we have to choose: do I go for my own objective, or do I leave it for what it is and I just do what others want. Through a fun business game the participants come to the insight to understand what it is all about and how you can deal sustainable with these situations.

Winning the ratrace

Sometimes we are very successful, but we remain behind with an empty feeling. "Why am I still doing it..." and "Is this it..."? This reduces our passion and joy of life. Patrick tells you about his life as an entrepreneur and a method he learned in Energetic Kinesiology that can show which choices will give us energy or not.

What if Pygmalion was an entrepreneur?

We all have our own style of entrepreneurship. Through a well thought and playful way you discover in this workshop what your style of entrepreneurship is. But it does not end there. Because we have to ask ourselves whether this style is successful or not in our organization... A fascinating and above all surprising experience for every participant.

Second Life

Patrick wrote the novel "Second Life" which is based on his own experiences as a human resources director and as an entrepreneur. In it he looks for what really matters in our life as an entrepreneur and he provides the participants four foundations for a successful and happy entrepreneurship. In this lecture he shares his experiences and how he got his insights in a juicy and honest way.

I’m also happy to craft a Custom Workshop Package for you, tailored to your specific needs and desires. 

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